Modern Apothecary-Style Sustainable Hemp Seed Oil Skin Care Made From Scratch

Bear's Beauty was born out of my own need for effective skin care for my sensitive skin. I suffered from acne, chronic migraines, and psoriasis. None of the commercial products I tried helped, and I decided to start looking into natural options. An article about the Oil Cleansing Method began me on a path of research. I started using oil to clean my face and moisturize my skin. My Momma, a nurse for 40 years, gave me a book about green beauty and the chemicals in commercial skincare. As I poured through the pages, I was disgusted with what I read. I felt like my salon job was poisoning me and unknowingly, my customers.

Two things happened in particular while using just oil, my skin cleared up and my migraines stopped. This sparked my desire to share my creations with the world. People around me noticed the change in my skin and my demeanor, and wanted to know what I was doing. It didn’t take long before I was making extra to share with friends and family. I had worked in the salon industry for several years, and was never passionate about cutting hair. As I began to learn more about Skin Care and the Industry around it, I saw a place where I could really make a difference.

I personally suffer from PCOS, a hormonal disorder. Emerging research is showing a DIRECT link between things of this nature and petro chemicals + hormone-disruptors.. PCOS can cause infertility by the age of 12. This is beyond a travesty! If I can educate one person about what they are putting in their body, then I have done my job. Artificial Fragrances and Parabens also turned out to be the cause of my migraines, and I cannot make medical claims, but try cutting these things out of you suffer from headaches.

I have a deep passion for nature and holistic medicine as well as deep Hippie Roots :) I have dedicated my life to Bear's Beauty, and am constantly learning and incorporating all nature has to offer into my line. As my line expands, it is my goal to make you natural products that are exactly the texture and feel you expect, without any fake junk.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil is the HEART of my line. This amazing oil has benefits for almost every sort of skin issue you can imagine. Along with Organic Oils, Butter, and Essential Oils I craft each product by hand in micro-batches in my home in Indiana. I run Bear’s Beauty on my own, and do everything from formulation + sales + customer service + manufacturing + shipping + take care of my FurBabies.

I do not use anything synthetic, artificial, toxic, or as filler. My products are made with the best stuff on earth just for you. My goal is to provide you with simple, pure, natural, and safe alternatives to the chemical-filled products.

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