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🌿 CONGESTED PORE CLEANSING + FACIAL OIL 🌿 (🍁 Hemp + Watermelon Seed Oil 🍉)

Nourish your skin, don't strip it. I source the finest Organic Cold-Pressed Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil, rich in Linoleic Acid + vitamins + minerals and then blend it with essential oils. This is a balanced formula ideal for all congested + oily skin types. It is neither overly drying or too emollient. Hemp and Watermelon are balanced beautifully to leave skin soft + supple + clean + radiant.

The special essential oil blend works to thin sebum and decongest pores. This particular formula is not ideal for sensitive eyes, so it goes great with the EYELASH ENHANCING REMOVER.

All of my cleansing oils are safe for all skin types. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, oil cleansers are perfect for you. Oil Cleansing, the OCM, changed my skin and continues to amaze me.

There is a ton of info below, but the short version : Massage the oil into dry skin for 1-5 minutes, remove. TADA! The longer you massage, the more time the oils have to open your pores, encourage lymphatic drainage, and thin sebum. Because you aren't stripping your skin, you don't HAVE to follow with anything else, if you don't want to. Honestly, this is my favorite way to cleanse, because I don't always feel up to a ten minute routine, and with this, I know my skin is clean and moisturized.

What makes this a "CLEANSING + FACIAL OIL?" Most cleansing oils on the market are made with cheap filler oils and an emulsifier to make the oil rinse clean. The problem with this becomes that there is still a tendency for the emulsifier to strip your skin. So, even though you might be using an "Oil Cleanser," you may be stripping your skin. This oil is made with the finest Cold-Pressed and Organic Oils on the market, cold-blended with essential oils and natural Rosemary Antioxidant. These are ingredients you would see in a several hundred dollar serum or facial oil, and they are in your cleanser. Once you remove the oil used for cleansing, this oil can be re-applied as your facial moisturizer. What other face wash can you use to remove your makeup, unclog pores, gently cleanse without stripping, and then moisturize without clogging pores? All of the Bear's Beauty CLEANSING + FACIAL OILS is the answer :) I love that if I decide to switch up cleansers and use a cream or foaming cleanser that I can still use my Cleansing Oil as a Facial Oil or even Pre-Cleansing Oil. As a pre-cleansing oil, this can be massaged into skin and then removed and followed up with a second cleanser, such as a gentle foaming wash or cleansing grains.


Bear's Beauty products are not made for specific skin types, but for specific skin issues and concerns. I formulate every product with truly sensitive skin in mind. This means, any skin type can use all the products in my line.

🌱 Congested + Oily Skin Types + Reactive & Acne Included

🌱 Clogged Pores + Congested Skin + Breakouts

🌱 Combination Skin + Adult Acne + Post-Acne

🌱 Skin that feels tight after cleansing + Makeup Remover

🌱 Dryness + Excess Oil + Enlarged Pores


An oil cleanser is an oil you wash your face with; by massaging the oil into your dry face and then removing. One step removes makeup and cleanses or just cleanses if you don't wear makeup.

Many of the "oil cleansers" offered on the market today are made with cheap petroleum derivatives and emulsifiers so they rinse clean (defeating the entire purpose of using oil in the first place.)

Cleansing is the most important step in your routine and the root of most skin issues is an imbalance in this step. Oil Cleansing is a nurturing and nourishing approach to cleansing.

I have taken all the guesswork out of oil cleansing with blends that are meant for all skin types, but especially the most sensitive. No matter what formula you choose, you can be assured that it won't clog your pores or leave you a greasy mess.

If you ever wash your face and find yourself rushing for moisturizer, you need an oil cleanser.

If you are an oil slick by noon, you need an oil cleanser.

This one bottle can be your only skin care product. Once you remove the oil you use to cleanse, you can gently pat a few drops of cleansing oil into damp skin.


Bear's Beauty Cleansing Oils are made to be used interchangeably as your skin changes with seasons, hormones, or just as it heals from years of commercial chemical skin care.

When choosing a cleansing oil, do so based on the most prevalent skin concern or just what sounds groovy ;) I use Organic Oils + Herbs + Essential Oils in all formulas, wherever possible.

CHARCOAL CLEANSING OIL - (Hemp + MCT Oil + Sunflower + Raspberry + Charcoal + Geranium) This unique cleansing oil is designed to gently encourage your skin's own detoxification process. Great for all skin types. I love using this once a week, even after the first few months. This comes with Geranium Essential Oil or Without (NAKED.)

BALANCING CLEANSING OIL - ( Hemp + Sunflower + Sea Buckthorn + Calendula + Green Tea ) Ideal for all skin types. Hemp is rich in Linoleic Acid, a type of fatty acid that thins thick sebum (the oil your skin produces.) Sunflower + Calendula nourish while Green Tea provides antioxidant protection. Organic Sea Buckthorn, with more than 80 bio-active compounds, regenerates and helps even the appearance of uneven tone. Rich in Beta-Carotene, Sea Buckthorn gives this cleansing oil a rich golden tint. You can choose from several scents with this formula.

CONGESTED PORE CLEANSING OIL - (Hemp + Watermelon Seed Oil + Congested Pore Essential Oil Blend) This is great if you have a lot of congested pores that never come to the surface. This goes really well alternated with the DETOXIFYING CLEANSING Oil. This comes with the set essential oil blend and cannot be customized.

ACNE + SENSITIVE CLEANSING OIL - Hemp is rich in Linoleic Acid, a type of fatty acid that thins thick sebum (the oil your skin produces.) This is the most cleansing and gentle formula that I offer. Great for acne + clogged pores + excess oil + redness + sensitivity + and anyone on the oily side. You can choose from several scents with this formula.

TIMELESS CLEANSING OIL - (Hemp + Maracuja + Rosehip + Pumpkin + Calendula + Green Tea + Turmeric + Sea Buckthorn + Frankincense + Myrrh + Helichrysum) This is my favorite cleansing oil for post -acne, early to advanced signs of aging, and just generally lack-luster skin. Organic Maracuja is a rarity on the market, and especially when it comes to cleansers. Rich in Linoleic Acid to help balance oil production, but intensely repairative and anti-aging, Maracuja has it all.

REDNESS CLEANSING OIL - (Hemp + Sunflower + Pumpkin Seed + Marshmallow Root + Gluten-Free Colloidal Oats + Chamomile + Yarrow + Lavender)

The coolest part is that your skin will change. If you have always had oily skin, chances are a few months into the OCM you will find your skin strangely matte. As your skin changes, you can adjust your cleanser to suit without throwing off your routine, because you will still use an oil. cleanser. I offer a range of Cleansing Balms and Cold Creams, as well as Cream and Clay Cleansers ... even a gentle foaming face wash. No matter how your skin is behaving, Bear's Beauty has a simple solution.


❤️Oil cleansing is easy + leaves skin totally clean + improves overall skin appearance.

❤️Balances Oil Productions + Unclogs Pores

❤️Leaves skin feeling soft and supple.

❤️ PH Balanced + Soap-less Cleansing

❤️If you wear makeup, this will remove all your makeup and leave your skin clean.

❤️Doesn't strip skin or require additional products or steps.


Have you ever used oil to remove sticker residue from a bottle or gunk from your hardwood floor? This is the same idea. Oil breaks down grime and clogged pores and then takes it along when it is wiped off, leaving your skin soft and smooth, never oily. Oil dissolves oil, and these botanical cleansing oils leave your skin glowing.

The most basic routine, and how you will start :

1. Shake the bottle.

2. Pump a few pumps of cleansing oil into palms and warm between dry palms.

3. Massage oil into face, focusing on hollows of face and trouble areas.

4. Continue massaging 1-5 minutes with dry hands using gentle pressure.

5. I wipe the excess oil off my hands at this point with the face cloth I am going to use to remove the oil. You can also use tissue or just wash your hands (with good Organic or Castile Soap) - You don't have to do this, I just don't like having oil on my hands.

6. Get your cloth damp with warm, but not hot water. Hot water can actually cause more damage to your skin and broken capillaries. Place the cloth over your face and inhale deeply.

7. Gently wipe away the excess oil and then rinse the cloth and continue gently removing the oil.

8. Once the oil is removed, your skin should feel clean. Do not leave oil on your skin.

9. You can stop here. You can just mist your skin with Hydrosol. You can do toner, serum, and moisturizer.

👉👉👉👉Before you say, "Jerra, you said it was easy!" - Massage the oil into your dirty face with dry hands, use gentle pressure, do your eyes last, remove with the cloth I sent you, and smile :)

👉Integrating the OCM into your routine.


👉Can I use my sonic face brush?


👉Troubleshooting the OCM + Dealing with Tiny Bumps + Texture


Pick up a pack of microfiber face cloths as well, I have 8 that I hand-wash with Castile soap once a week. They help remove the oil, can be used wet or dry, and leave your skin lightly exfoliated.

All Oil Cleansers now come with one Microfiber Cloth, I feel that of all the things I have tried over the last few years, microfiber cloths are the most effective + offer gentle exfoliation + leave your skin clean without the need for a second cleanse. (Cloth pictured above is green, but you will get a random color.)


✨ Are you CRAZY? You want me to wash my face with oil? Perhaps, but it really WORKS and you will never think of “oil” as a dirty word ever again.

✨ Remove all your makeup + cleanse in just one step.

✨ Won’t strip your skin or leave your skin feeling two sizes two small and tight.

✨ Reduces your skin’s overproduction of oil if you have oily skin.

✨ Moisturizes and leaves skin soft, but never “oily"

✨Replaces: Face Wash + Makeup Remover + Moisturizer + and chemical-filled crap cluttering your bathroom (that really doesn’t work … or you wouldn’t be considering rubbing oil on your face :)

✨ Unlike “commercial” cleansing oil (made with Mineral Oil), Bear's Beauty Cleansing Oil is made with 100% Natural Botanical Oils

💧 ♻️Conserve Water + Great for Travel = all you need is a dry cloth to do your entire evening cleansing routine!


You may have seen some other cleansing oils that use Castor Oil, not here! I find Castor oil to be pore-clogging and drying. Enter Hemp :)

⭐️Organic Hemp Seed Oil started it all; this amazing oil is considered a “dry” oil, so it never feels thick or greasy, just silky + smooth. The science is in the Linoleic Acid, a form of fatty acid that actually softens the clogs in your pores and encourages healthy + balanced oil production. No matter what your skin type, the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) will change the way you feel about your skin + think about oil … forever.

⭐️Melon Seed Oil is also rich in Linoleic Acid, coming from Africa, this oil helps leave skin soft but never greasy.

⭐️Special synergistic essential oil blend made to unclog pores, thin sebum, and reduce clogged pores.


1 fl oz, 2 fl oz, 4 fl oz, and 8 fl oz Glass

Microfiber Cloth


*^Hemp Seed Oil, Kalahari Watermelon Seed Oil, *Sunflower , *Rosemary Antioxidant, and Essential Oils (Juniper Berry, Tea Tree, Clary Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, Geranium, Sweet Basil, Virginian Cedarwood, *Frankincense, Lemongrass, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Orange Five Fold, Lime, Cypress, and Oregano)

*Organic ^Cold-pressed

🌺Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil (0% THC | 0% CBD)
🌺Kalahari Watermelon Seed Oil (Cold Pressed)
🌺Organic Rosemary Antioxidant
🌺Therapeutic and Organic Essential Oils + Steam Distilled + Purity Tested & Assured


6 months


🌟 🌟 Easy Oil Cleansing - No cloth required - I use this method, especially when getting in the shower.

1. Massage quarter size (10 - 20 pumps from 1 oz or 2 oz bottle) pool of oil into dry face. Focus on areas like the crevice of your nose and chin that have texture. Massage for 1-5 minutes.

2. Use Bear's Beauty's foaming face wash, pump 3-6 pumps into palm and massage right into cleansing oil on your face. Avoiding eye area.

3. Rinse and follow with Toner + Serum + Moisturizer as needed. If your skin still feels oily, you can repeat step 2 or just use toner to remove excess.

🌟 🌟 Other Oil Cleansing Methods

1. Quick Oil Cleansing - Great for those who don't wear makeup or for morning cleansing. Massage a dime size pool of oil between palms to warm. Massage into dry face and neck in circular motions for 2-5 minutes. Remove with dry or damp microfiber cloth. No need to follow with anything else.

2. Deep Oil Cleansing - This is one of my favorite ways to use cleansing oil. Pump a dime to quarter size pool of oil into hands. Massage into dry face and neck. massage using gentle pressure in circular motions, focusing on congested areas. Massage for 5-10 minutes. I typically do this while watching TV. Let the oil sit on your skin for a few minutes. Remove oil with dry or damp cloth. You can choose to follow with a mask to help remove clogged pores that have been softened with the cleansing oil. OR follow with toner + serum + moisturizer of your choice. I typically do a deep cleanse 2-3 times per week.

3. Double Cleansing - Follow #1 to break down makeup, massaging oil into closed eyes last. Remove with dry cloth and then repeat. Follow #2. You can also use the OCM first, remove with a cloth, and then follow with a foaming face wash or scrub.

4. Moisturizer - Apply to damp skin in or out of shower or anytime you need moisture.



Face Mist or Toner
Facial Oil
Moisturizer (If Needed after Facial Oil soaks in)


Cleanse using OCM
Mask (1-3 times per week)
Face Mist or Toner
Facial Oil
Moisturizer (If Needed after Facial Oil soaks in) Try Using Blue Moon Resurfacing Sleep Balm as your final step.

🌿Customer 💚

💚Best oil I have used for OCM for my combo/congested skin

💚This product absolutely saved my face. I initially ordered because I was curious about OCM and on a whim figured I would try it. By the time it arrived, I had been put on antibiotics by a dermatologist and had a horrible, horrible allergic reaction. Where I had no acne before, I was absolutely *covered* in it, my whole face, chest, shoulders, etc. I made a decision to trust in Jerra's product and let it work. I used it, patiently, with the microfiber cloths and didn't touch, poke or put anything on my face for a week. Every single horrible self-confidence killing spot was gone, and all the small 'under the skin' clogs in my pores are slowly coming out. I will never go back. The cloths are amazing, the product is amazing, it's a relaxing ritual. I will never trust anyone but Jerra with my skin again!

⚠️External Use Only. Keep away from kiddos and pets. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if irritation occurs. Avoid Eye + Mucous Membrane contact. Consult a Physician if you are pregnant + nursing. All statements above are for information purposes, Bear’s Beauty does not make any medical claims. Products not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or ailment. The information provided by Bear’s Beauty has not been evaluated by the FDA. All products are intended for Cosmetic Use Only.

All text, copy, pictures, graphics,product names, and formulations copyright © Bear’s Beauty 2012-2018 all rights reserved.

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