Pore Detox Cleansing Oil 30mL, Clogged Pore Cleanser, Hemp Facial Oil, Hemp Body Oil, Organic Cold Pressed , Violet Glass Bottle


Pore Detox | (Congested Pore + Whiteheads + Blackheads + Sebum + Clogged Pores) This nourishing blend of Hemp Seed Oil and specially blended essential oils gently encourages cell turnover while decongesting clogged pores. Ideal for daily use, this oil-based cleanser will breakdown makeup and dissolve impurities while respecting the skin's barrier.

Marketing would have you believe that you need 6 products to have healthy skin. This is just not the case. This one product will break down your makeup and clean your skin in one step. When removed with a dry cloth, it requires no water, and so is Eco-friendly. It also requires no further steps, as the skin's barrier has not been compromised. Taking care of your skin doesn't have to be complicated. Clean ingredients, of the highest quality, make a huge impact. Nourish skin, don't strip it.

Oil Cleansing saved my skin after years of trying every product under the sun for my acne, bleaching my towels with harsh face washes, and dealing with the drying side-effects typical of acne products. I wouldn’t have believed it back then, but simplifying my skincare and going back to nature was the answer for my misbehaving skin.

Hemp Seed Oil is packed with Omega Fatty Acids that encourage healthy barrier function, Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatory, and rich in Linoleic Acid that encourages balanced sebum production. Inflammaging is the process of increased inflammation causing pre-mature signs of aging. Hemp is one of my favorite ways to keep it at bay. Truly beneficial for all skin types.

Most cleansing oils on the market are made with cheap filler oils and an emulsifier to make the oil rinse clean. The problem with this becomes that there is still a tendency for the emulsifier to strip your skin. For this reason, we do not use emulsifiers, but encourage double cleansing so you can customize your routine for your skin.


*^Hemp Seed Oil, *Sunflower Seed Oil, *^Sacha Inchi, *Willow Bark, *Rosemary Extract, and Essential Oils (Proprietary Blend) * Organic ^Cold-pressed

Willow Bark may increase sensitivity to the sun. Use an SPF, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using products containing Salicylic Acid / Willow Bark.

Lets talk about Vitamin E and Rosemary Leaf Extract! Both of these Certified Organic ingredients are used as a synergistic preservation system to prevent the oils from spoiling quickly outside your fridge. Antioxidants prevent or slow oxidation. Oxidation of oils and essential oils causes them to become rancid, and then they are no longer beneficial for your skin. Much like the difference between fresh fruit and that one sad brown banana at the end of the bundle. So, you will see these two ingredients, and occasionally the addition of elderberry (house made extract) in almost all of our products. Because Hemp and many of the high PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid) oils we use are delicate, we use a combination of the above extracts, light protective packaging, and careful blending to get you FRESH skincare that you can trust!


Silky Light Oil

Citrusy Herbal

A NOTE ON RANCID HEMP OIL | One of the reasons Hemp Seed Oil is so difficult for companies to formulate, is that it is very very delicate. Temperature variations especially cause it to go bad very quickly (like within one month in some conditions.) Rancid Hemp Seed Oil has an almost fishy smell, due to the Omega Fatty Acids that can also be found in things like fish starting to break down. Once Hemp Seed Oil is rancid, it has free-radicals, the very thing we are working so hard to eliminate from our surroundings. For this reason, most hemp products for sale either have very very little hemp seed oil, they use a super processed almost clear oil, or they just sell you expired product with a smile.

Fresh, Organic, Cold-Pressed, Properly stored + packaged Hemp Seed Oil should smell lightly of grass and maybe slightly nutty. It should not smell like fish, or anything other than fresh cut grass.


For several years, I have been perfecting different cleansing oil blends for sensitive skin. There are so many beautiful herbs and essential oils, but not all of them are ideal for everyone. For example; Neem oil is being researched as a male contraceptive, so I tend to avoid it in my skincare. Lavender Essential oil is being looked at as possible Endocrine disruptor, with the possibility of contributing to hormone-related issues, so I tend to avoid it for acne and hormonal acne. Just because you see a lot of something in the natural skincare world, does not mean that it is going to be beneficial, so I always err on the side of caution.

This cleansing oil was made for those stubborn pores that won’t budge. Not so much for active breakouts or acne, but more for closed comedones, whiteheads, and blackheads. If you have inflamed or actively red breakouts, please look at formulas 001 and 002.


Skin care is very personal, and your skin will change with age, weather, and hormones ... so be open to changing your routine with your skin.


1. Shake the bottle.

2. Massage a dime-size pool of oil into face, focusing on hollows of face and trouble areas.

3. Continue massaging 1-5 minutes with dry hands using gentle pressure.

4. Gently remove the oil with a dry microfiber or flannel. If you have damaged, acne-prone, or sensitive skin; do not steam or heat your pores and do not use the cloth hot and wet. The idea is to let the oil do the work. If you do want to use a damp cloth, be sure to use very minimal pressure.

*I have seen it said you can use cotton rounds to remove your oil. I am sure this is fine, but I can't get enough leverage with a little cotton pad and the Organic ones I use are so soft, I feel they tear and I spend more time fighting them.

5. Once the oil is removed, your skin should feel clean. Do not leave oil used to cleanse on your skin.

6. You can stop here. You can mist your skin with Hydrosol. You can do toner, serum, and moisturizer. “Toner” is typically used after a foaming cleanser to acidify PH, since you aren’t altering the PH of skin, you can skip toner and go right to hydration step like Hydrosol.

DOUBLE CLEANSING (I use this method, especially when getting in the shower and for super sensitive broken skin.)

1. Massage dime-size pool (3-5 pumps) of oil cleanser onto dry face. Focus on areas like the crevice of your nose and chin that have texture. Massage for 3-5 minutes.

2. Use Bear's Beauty's foaming face wash or scrub of choice, pump 2-4 pumps into palm and massage right into cleansing oil on your face. Avoiding eye area. By not adding water, you allow the soap to emulsify (dissolve) the oil used for cleansing.

3. Rinse. Follow with Toner + Serum + Moisturizer as needed. If your skin still feels oily, you can repeat step 2 or just use toner to remove excess. Bear's Beauty Multi-Tasking Cleansing Oils can also be used as nourishing serum/moisturizers. Because they are so light, I say "serum/moisturizer."


Ideal storage for all water-based serums, facial products with water, and even oil cleansers is in a cool and dark place, refrigeration is preferred.

While I do formulate products to be potent even when stored at room temperature, there is natural degradation that occurs at room temperature. I store all my products cold, and when I am not actively using a serum or cleanser, I pop it in the “Skincare Drawer.”

Sprays, serums, and creams with water do best kept at the very least out of direct sunlight, but the fridge will extend freshness. Masks also do better kept in the fridge. Balms, Butters, Deodorants, and Toothpaste all do fine at room temperature.

Bear’s Beauty is made with the finest Cold-Pressed Botanical Oils, Essential Oils, Hydrosols, Organic Fruits and Vegetables. I use minimal preservatives based in Probiotic and Fermented Kimchee to create safe products. That being said, this is food-grade skincare, and it will go bad. I recommend storage of your products in the fridge, in general. If you are taking a break from a product and you feel you won’t use it at least once a week, place it in the fridge. If you are using a cream or a hydrosol every day and you don’t like getting it from the fridge, it is totally fine to leave it in your bathroom, out of direct sunlight.


With the natural beauty, hemp, and CBD industry growth; there are a lot of choices on the market. It can be hard to wade through the hype. So, I want to talk to you as a formulator about why I choose Organic and Cold-Pressed Oils for my skincare as well as my personal use and cooking.

LOTS of brands throw in a dash of hyper-processed hemp oil and call a product "hemp." We use copious amounts of Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, between 10-100%, but never just a few drops as an afterthought.

Fresh Hemp Seed Oil is very green, bordering on emerald. It smells slightly nutty and grassy. Hemp seed oil that has gone rancid is yellow or brown and has a slightly fishy smell. I tell you this, because hemp products should either be very green and smell fresh, or slightly colored from other ingredients and fresh smelling. It should never smell bad. The unfortunate reality is, many brands hopped on the bandwagon of hemp and didn't understand the delicate oil.

Our Organic Hemp Seed Oil is sourced from Canada and stored cold. Products are made fresh, within weeks of ordering, and typically, made to order. This cold storage and fresh mixing ensures you get all the beneficial properties of the oil possible. Organic Hemp Seed Oil, alone, without any CBD or other oils added, is amazing for skin. When choosing any skincare, consider not only the ingredients, but the quality and the quantity.

Each and every ingredient is sourced and stored mindfully. Even down to our bottles. I know clear bottles look good on social media, but clear glass acts like a magnifying glass to the cold-pressed oils. Blue and Violet Glass bottles block out harmful UV rays and assure you get the most out of your skincare. But hey, anywhere possible, I use clear glass.


The industry is set up for plastics. Most things, deodorant tubes specifically only come in plastic. While we wait for the industry to catch up and start using hemp plastic, we o offer some items (like three) in plastic. Everything else comes in glass or cardboard. We are constantly working to reduce waste, our carbon footprint, and reuse as much as possible. We choose to buy packaging new, but do recycle your used jars into candles when they come back to us.

Glass does not degrade or leach, and as much as I thought I would break ten million bottles; I think I am at maybe 20 all total in the last almost decade of making creations. The glass is stronger than you think. If anything, dropper tops cause a surprising number of mishaps.

Plastic is killing our planet. I figure, the least we can do is find a way to take care of our skin and the Earth. So, we use glass, cardboard, and recyclable plastic.


I am a purist. I believe in the fewest number of ingredients to work together synergistically for maximum effect. I not only source the finest botanical and mineral ingredients from around the world, but I store them cold and make them fresh just for you. I believe in transparency and innovation, constantly seeking to offer the best Mother Nature has to offer with empirical support. I love research and feel that the tangibility of university studies helps to shed some light on previously esoteric topics. I also encourage customers to do their own research, as I believe everyone has unique skin needs and interactions with ingredients. I formulate from the heart, drawing on years of herbal and cosmetic formulation knowledge, a little magic, and a desire to better the lives of those around me. I make skincare with soul from the heart and I am so thankful for the opportunity to share these creations with you.


I have several auto-immune disorders, acne-prone sensitive skin, migraines, PCOS, and lost someone I love to chemical-induced lymphoma. I do not use ingredients that are synthetic, possibly carcinogenic, hormone disruptors, or a host of other ingredients. We avoid comedogenic ingredients and do further acne-safe testing, so all our formulas are acne safe. I am honest to a fault before I am dishonest on a listing or label. What we put on our skin should be as pur as what we eat and I believe that to my core. Anything short of that, is contributing to the problem. We don't use ingredients that can build up in the body and if we do, we tell you.




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Allergy patch test 24-48 hours prior to use. Shea Nut, Argan Nut, Mango (related to cashews), Coconut, and some soy-based Vitamin E used in facility.

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